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Learner Voice – Millie & Tracey

Millie and Tracey wanted to develop a basic understanding of British Sign Language. They didn’t have anyone in their immediate family who used sign language however, they felt it would be a very useful skill to have in their day-to-day lives. They also wanted to better understand the deaf community.

“During our lessons, we had many forms of support to help with our learning, these included work sheets with illustrations of people signing, face to face practice with the tutor and within the group, video’s, games, homework supported by the online platform “Moodle”. We were also able to contact our Tutor via this platform with any questions.  

This mixed approach meant that the learning came in “building blocks”, each session built on the last and always included a recap of the previous weeks learning. We found this particularly helpful as it reinforced our previous learning before moving onto the next topic. 

On the second course our Tutor was deaf and therefore we had no alternative other than to use our newly learnt skills to communicate. This was very helpful in accelerating our abilities. Also, we practice BSL between ourselves and have also been signing with a friend who is a BSL interpreter. 

We are close to completing the second course and are looking at moving on to the next level. 

We would certainly recommend this course to anyone as all abilities are catered for in a relaxed and fun environment. We have made new friends and look forward to using our new skills within the community.”