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Privacy Policy

This notice is to tell you about why we need your information and how we will handle it. This notice is for:

Leicestershire Adult Learning Service – Adults and Communities Dept.

What Information do we need from you?

As a part of our enrolment process we need to know the following about you:

  • Name, address, telephone Number, date of birth, NI Number and email address:
  • Details of your financial status (specifically regarding any benefits you may receive)
  • Residency status in the UK;
  • Gender and ethnicity;
  • Details of any disability, learning difficulty and/or physical or mental health difficulty which may affect your learning;
  • Your current employment status;
  • Current household income;
  • Details of any previous qualifications


Why do we need this?

We need this information to:

  • process your enrolment application correctly;
  • confirm your eligibility to attend the course;
  • assess your eligibility for funding/fee remission;
  • contact you in regard to any changes to your course;
  • provide additional learning or physical aids to support your learning;
  • create an account for you on the Adult Learning Service Learning Platform (Moodle/VLE)
  • create an account for you to enable access to relevant curriculum resources/assessment sites, venue access

We will also need to record certain types of information for our governing and funding bodies who are responsible for monitoring us as a public service.

Why are we allowed to process your information?

Data protection law allows us to process your information within certain conditions. In this case we are using the performance of a task in the public interest and in the performance of a contract.

We also need an appropriate lawful reason to process sensitive data. In this case we are processing your sensitive personal data because there is a statutory responsibility to report this information (under schedule 1, Part 2 substantial public interest, para 6)

Who will we share this with?

Sometimes we need to share your information with others. We will only do this when it is necessary in order to offer you this service, or if we are required to do so by law. We do not plan to share it with anyone else or use it for anything else. When it is necessary, we may disclose your personal information to the following organisations: This is not an exhaustive list.

  • Education Skills and Funding Agency (funding provider)
  • National Health Service (funding provider)
  • Public Health (funding provider)
  • Leicestershire County Council (parent organisation)
  • LRS (Learner Records Service)
  • OFSTED (quality regulator for teaching)
  • SENA- Special Educational Needs Assessment Service (service provider)
  • Schools, Children’s Centres and Home Start (service partners)
  • Job Centres (service partners)
  • Employers participating in our Work Based Learning programme (service partners)
  • Borough Councils (service partners)
  • Relevant Accreditation bodies: OCR, HABC, AIM Awards, CACHE, JCQ, City and Guilds
  • Matrix (Quality Assurance)


How will we keep it secure?

We will take all reasonable steps to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information. Only the people who need to see your personal information will be allowed access to it. We will not send your information outside the UK.

How long will we keep it for?

We will only keep this information for as long as necessary or as the law requires. For the Leicestershire Adult Learning Service our retention of information will be in line with Leicestershire County Council’s policy and the policies of our accreditation and funding bodies.

What if something changes?

If the information you provided changes, or your circumstances change, please contact our Business Support team on FREEphone 0800 988 0308 or 0116 305 0820. If we need to change something like who we want to share this information with, we will contact you to let you know.

What else would we like to do?

In addition, if you choose, you can allow us to use your contact information to make you aware of any future learning opportunities that may be of interest to you. This information is voluntary, and permission can be given and withdrawn at any time.


There may be instances during your learning where Tutors may ask to take photographs of yourself and/or your work for marketing purposes. In these instances, you will be asked again for your permission to do so and, if you consent, you will be asked to sign a Permission Form which will detail exactly how these images will be used and how long they will be retained/used for. You can withdraw consent at any time. You are not obliged to consent to this unless it is part of your course requirements.

Recording of Assessments

There may be some instances, depending on which course you undertake, where your Tutor will need to capture photographs and/or video/audio recordings of you for assessment purposes. Your recording may also need to be shared with the relevant accreditation bodies to verify your assessment. If you have any questions about this, please use the contact details provided in this notice.


Leicestershire Adult Learning Service FPN. Version 2 from 13/01/2020