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Learner Voices

Learner Voice – Multiply

“I hated Maths at school and numbers really scared me. I wasn’t too sure about joining this project at the start, however once I started it and understood what I was doing. I really enjoyed it and did not feel overwhelmed. [Tutor] helped me understand how income and expenditure work and it made me think about my own. I would now like to enhance my skills more by doing further training. Maths does not scare me any more.””

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Learner Voice – Digital Skills

“The biggest barrier was my confidence to be able to develop a professional looking website.  After a few weeks of head scratching to get to grips with the basics it just clicked, and I was able to not only do the things Maxine [Tutor] had showed us during the course but I also had the confidence to learn additional things for myself such as WooCommerce.”

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Learner Voice – Millie & Tracey

Millie and Tracey wanted to develop a basic understanding of British Sign Language. They didn’t have anyone in their immediate family who used sign language however, they felt it would be a very useful skill to have in their day-to-day lives. They also wanted to better understand the deaf community.

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Learner Voice – Family Learning

Over the last few years, I have completed many of the Family Learning courses, such as Story Sacks and Making Sense of KS1 Maths. I have found these courses immensely helpful in terms of being able to support my own children with their early learning of both literacy and numeracy. A particular benefit of the teaching methods of the Family Learning courses, is that children are encouraged to learn alongside their parents – the courses are fully inclusive.”


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