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Portuguese is the official language of nine countries, and only 5% of Portuguese speakers actually live in Portugal. It is the most spoken language in South America and is the fastest growing European language in the world.

Image of the city of Lisbon in the sun.


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Beginners Courses

Beginners - A Taster

This eight week classroom course is the first of a two part course for beginners and will give you a taste of the language you want to learn. You will be introduced to a range of basic phrases that you will be able to use in practical situations; introducing yourself and others; giving your address and nationality; numbers; ordering food and drinks and similar practical holiday/travel situations.

The emphasis will be on having fun and speaking the language through fun activities and games. The eight sessions will encourage you and give you the confidence to “have a go”.

More information on Beginners - A Taster

Beginners - Moving on

This is a 20-week course for learners who have a few of the very basics, covered in the Beginners – A Taster course or through your own experiences. You will be introduced to a range of basic everyday language that can be used in a variety of settings e.g. holiday, social and work. The main emphasis will be on learning to speak and understand simple phrases. The sessions will cover how to cope in a variety of situations you might find yourself in when visiting a country where they speak your chosen language.

More information on Beginners - Moving on