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Lifelong Learning Week 2023

From Monday 6th November, until Friday 10th November, GoLearn! will be celebrating ‘Lifelong Learning Week’ alongside 100s of adult learning services across the country.

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Lifelong Learning Week is a national campaign from the Learning and Work Institute, which aims to celebrate the benefits of lifelong learning and raise its profile with national and local audiences. Each day of Lifelong Learning Week has a theme which relates to one of the key benefits that learning, especially adult learning, brings to individuals and communities. The themes for this year are:

Monday 6th November – Learning for Career Change

For many of our learners the most important goal for their learning is to achieve the qualifications they need to find work, change careers, or progress into more stable employment.

Tuesday 7th November – Learning for Creativity & Culture

Other learners will participate in creative learning programmes like Drawing and Painting, Pottery or Stained-Glass courses, with a view to supporting their wellbeing through creative outlets.

Wednesday 8th November – Learning for Health

Some learners join an adult learning course for a more tangible reason: to support their health. This might be joining one of our Better Mental Health workshops/courses to support them in finding their next steps after a period of mental ill-health, or it could be joining a Yoga or Ballet Fitness course to support physical fitness.

Thursday 9th November – Learning for Life

Another vitally important aspect of adult learning is to support learners to participate in everyday life. This could be one of our Digital Skills courses which teach someone how to use IT safely and confidently in their everyday life.

Friday 10th November – Learning for the Future

For GoLearn, ‘Learning for the Future’ is about how we as a service can develop and our offer to meet the needs of our communities for years to come. It is also about supporting our learners to understand what their future looks like; whether that is future work and volunteering opportunities, or progression into further/higher education. If you are looking to explore your opportunities for the future, our Learning & Work Advisors are here to provide FREE, impartial, and confidential 1:1 support. (Click the link above for more detail, or to book your appointment).

If you want to join us in celebrating Lifelong Learning Week 2023, follow us on Facebook where we will be posting learner stories throughout the week. Feel free to share your own perspectives of what Lifelong Learning has done for you!

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