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Fitness Courses

Our fitness courses are designed to support you to improve your overall fitness, by moving at your own pace. We offer Yoga (both traditional and seated for those who may have mobility needs or require a more gentle level of exercise) and our NEW ‘Back, Neck and Shoulder Strengthening’ courses.

Our Fitness Courses

Yoga - Mixed level

Yoga for mixed abilities is a traditional and contemporary class where each week there is a guided yoga practice where we work on a variety of postures underpinned by the basic concepts, principles and theory of this ancient discipline and tradition. This course aims to teach yoga combining the physical exercises that stretch and tone the body with the nurture and development of your emotional health and wellbeing. The content of the practices is carefully put together to build safely and progressively, always focusing on the needs of the individual.

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Seated Yoga - Mixed Level

Balance your life, mind, and soul with relaxing and de-stressing exercises, through seated yoga (this involves sitting on a chair) which focus on different aspects of your wellbeing, such as Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation - overall health), Virabhadrasana (Warrior poses - core strength) and which target the upper and lower body by stretching different muscles and improving flexibility. Special chair Pranayama (breathing), for example, Anuloma Viloma (alternate nostril breathing - breathing technique) will destress and benefit the mind. This course is also available as a 6-week course.

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Wellbeing Exercise

This course is a series of different exercises demonstrated either standing, sitting on a chair, or lying down of a mat. Some exercises will use a resistance band to help develop strength. It is hoped you will feel better and have more movement and less stiffness in these areas after doing the course.

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